About Us

Who are we?

Eagle Supreme is an Australian business owned and operated by Australians at Eagle Supreme Health Pty Ltd

Where are we?

Karen the owner of Eagle Supreme currently lives and operates the Head Office and Admin from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Tania our amazing Operations Manager and Karen's "life support" lives and manages all our manufacturing and dispatch from Brisbane in Queensland.

What we can do for you...

We have worked hard to source and select premium quality dietary and support products. To address the voiced needs of Australians ALL our dietary and support products are proudly manufactured in a Licensed Australian Facility, Australian Compliant with GUARANTEED Quality Control and Testing to Australian Standards. We maintain rigorous standards and testing through all phases of production including pharmaceutical grade GMPc. We can supply you with proven products, of excellent quality, sent quickly from Brisbane, Queensland to your business at the most competitive wholesale prices.

You will be dealing with an Australian business, who's products are proudly made in Australia, containing only Australian Compliant ingredients that are manufactured to be compliant with all Australian Laws and testing standards.

We are easily contacted via mobile, landline, fax or email with all contact and inquires answered very fast. We pride ourselves on giving excellent and reliable customer service second to none. We welcome and look forward to working with you no matter how large or small your business may be......we support all Australian businesses who have a passion for supporting Quality Australian Products.

How we got started...

Nearly three years ago, a synchronistic journey lead very dear friends of mine to importing an HCG weight management dietary complex which resulted in thousands of people losing excess weight which had plagued them for years. Dom's story with this product was a loss of 29kg (which has remained lost ever since) after decades of expensive diets that either did not work for him, or saw any lost weight inevitably return. The HCG diet was totally different but its efficacy brought with it difficult or impossible Australian compliance. To abide by Australian regulations for the comfort and confidence of his customers as well as the longevity of the business, Dom sourced and imported the then-latest development of this HCG diet formula.

We have since moved way beyond that, even developing the VLC Diet Supreme Soft Gel Capsule formula (ARTG 212467) - which is a World First,........by popular demand, additional quality skincare, dietary and natural support products have been added to the Eagle Supreme inventory.........in keeping with our proud Australian heritage they are ALL made in a Licensed Australian Facility to the highest possible Australian Standards and were possible are ARTG Listed.

Eagle Supreme Health Pty Ltd runs Eagle Supreme and this site is specifically here only for you as wholesalers....


You are looking at an Australian business, owned by Australians, living and running their business in Australia, employing Australians, manufacturing all product lines in Australia to the rigorous standards demanded by our regulatory authorities. And needless to say, this makes us very proud.

Eagle Supreme's mission statement is to supply premium quality products, manufactured in Australia to the highest Australian pharmaceutical regulatory standards and that these products will assist many folks on their journey to increased Health and Wellbeing.

Kindest Regards,


Please visit our Contact Us page if you wish to discuss any matter with us - we welcome your inquiry.